Tuesday, November 07, 2006

"Rajatha Rashmi" - Gone for Good?!

So it appears "Rajatha Rashmi" - the state-funded Rupavahini's response to the insatiable appetite for talent shows prevalent these days - has been suspended since last weekend. The reason? Misappropriation of funds - around 30 million rupees, according to this report!

I have yet to read an official statement by Rupavahini on the subject - what's with the silence, I wonder. The program is aired on Sunday night and last Sunday (Poya) a message indicated the program will be shown again next weekend.

Prior to the start of Season 2 of its extremely popular Sirasa Super Star series, Sirasa was very quiet and three other channels (Rupavahini, ITN and Swarnavahini) immediately started their own talent contests - some of them mind-numbingly boring and the others barely watchable. "Rajatha Rashmi" was the better program by far.

I watched a few episodes of the singers' auditions in Rajatha Rashmi (it also includes acting and dancing) and was very impressed with some of the talent from outstation areas. I must mention this guy called Saman Lenin, was quite outstanding - I haven't seen him on TV much since he was selected for the finals. He has a really good voice and so do at least three others whose names I can't remember, unfortunately.

What's going to happen to these guys if the program is permanently canceled? Or is the e-news article just another pro-Sirasa creation?!

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