Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Borat Wins Again, Offends More People

Staying atop the box office for two weeks in a row proved quite easy for Borat - very nice!

Now in addition to earning $67 million dollars in ticket sales, Borat has somehow managed to offend his unsuspecting co-stars, some of whom have lost their jobs:

"Cohen's behavior also wasn't funny to former TV producer Dharma Arthur, who claims she was duped into giving Cohen airtime on a morning show segment in Jackson, Mississippi. Cohen's live appearance, in which he said he had to go "urine" and hugged a bemused weatherman, led her life into a downward spiral, she told the AP. She is seeking an apology.

Although Arthur has said she was fired from the show, she told the AP that she left the station.

Kathie Martin, who runs an etiquette school in Birmingham, Alabama, was also left out of the joke. Even though she was gracious and calm when Borat showed her nude photos of his son, Martin admitted she was "taken aback" by his schtick during their on-camera meeting.

"Unless you can figure it out for yourself, you have no way of knowing you have been tricked into being part of a childish prank with an R rating attached," she told the AP in an e-mail."

(Link to CNN article)

There's more - Sacha Baron Cohen aka Borat managed to get his ass kicked by a passer-by who didn't get this joke:

"He approached the man and said: “I like your clothings. Are nice! Please may I buying? I want have sex with it.”

But the bystander didn’t see the joke. He took one look at Cohen and punched him in the face."

(Link to Sun article)

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