Monday, November 13, 2006

List of Faux Pas from Wiki

Closing one's eyes during a meal is said to invite demonic possession of the hosts.

India has had a complicated history with its neighbors (Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, and Sri Lanka), and confusing an Indian with any of these (or vice versa) is seriously offensive. This rule extends especially to Westerners.

For a man to comment to another person about the appearance of the latter's adult female relative (wife, sister, daughter, etc) is considered inappropriate behavior. However, it is acceptable for a woman to do so

Placing a phone call to somebody after 22:00.

"No" is sometimes conveyed by a slight raise of the eyebrows, often accompanied by a "tsk" sound.

Biting into the piece of bread directly (unless you have something on it -butter, pâté,...). One should break a small piece off, and put it into one's mouth.

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