Friday, November 10, 2006

Raja FM Suspended

Raja FM has been shut down by the GOSL for airing sexually explicit content on its program "Three hours with Sumali".

I have not tuned in to this program but listened to a few clips (can be found at Wiki). Some of the stories are a little bizarre, to say the least. It doesn't sound outrageously explicit - just crude. However the *doctor*'s (Prasanna Jayatilleke) advice isn't inappropriate and it's high time sex education is made more available to the youth of SL Does the GOSL expect school teachers and parents to provide the necessary answers to the questions asked?

UPDATE 11/12: The Wiki article has been edited and the links are no longer available.

UPDATE 11/13: Links


crow said...

hey i think they are trying to make people laugh with their weak attempts to stop sex in sri lanka. this is the 21st century. let's stop internet in sri lanka

Anonymous said...

Hey listen to this guys..!! I have a friend in Hiru FM and got to know that this was all done by Hiru FM to beat competetion by creating bad publicity.
Do know who is next in line ?
Also there is a very secret investigation by the bribery commision on Hiru FM bribing the media minister to do this kind of thing...

Guys remember this is something like the CBN SAT issue

Anonymous said...

I also feel that there is some conspiracy by the government and the media institutions(HIRU FM) who have secret dealings with the government officials who are attached to the media authorities..?

I mean remember the rumours about the media minister trying to start a radio station where the TRC didn't have any frequancies ?

I now think there is some truth to this rumour

Anonymous said...

Are Sinhala Budhists the target now???

The Mahinda Chinthanaya promised much for us and after years of machination and maneuvering by the various minorities for their unscrupulous ends we finally felt that the Sinhala Buddhists of Sri Lanka would have a voice to protect their interests as well.

The recent controversy with the raja fm EAP group radio channel was a strong wake up call to many of us. This channel is owned and run by one of the foremost Sinhalese Buddhist families in Sri Lanka. They are actively involved in helping hundreds of Sinhalese out of poverty and ill health.

The recent trend in Fm channel's and Tv channel's towards a unacceptable western cultural standard is totally intolerable. This trend has been also present in some of the printed media for some time now. This is not confined to just one channel or company. It is everywhere with various shades of grey all of which cannot be allowed to continue. But today what we see clearly is that there is only one head on the chopping block. Why this victimisation of Sinhala Budhists? Of all the Media that is commonly viewed or listened to the only big company that is Sinhala Buddhist owned, or for that matter Sri Lankan owned is the very one being persecuted.

The Maharaja Tv and Fm channels are very popular as well. Sirasa Tv, Fm, and Yfm all from Maharaja have lots of viewers and listeners. They also have many english and tamil channels. It is no secret how these channels have been used over and over again as a voice of the tigers to attack and undermine the governments and the Sinhala majorities stance on so many issues relating to the ethnic conflict. It is said that the maharaja's are not even citizens of our country!!!!!!

The ABC Channel Ltd. that do Hiru Fm and Sha Fm and Sun Fm and some other english and tamil channels is owned by Sun Group of UK which is owned by an indian and is suspected to have links to tamil ownership. However it must be noted that so far they have not at any time outrightly supported the tigers. There is no doubt though that it is owned by foreigners.

This is also the case with TNL channel Tv and Fm, where the Japanese own a large amount of the shares of the company and it is controlled by the brothers of Ranil Wickremasinghe who our president accused of a secret pact with the tigers. Whether that is so or not it is still owned by foreigners.

Recently we saw in the papers that one of the new licenses issued to a Sri Lankan was sold to Dialog Telecom for Rs. 300 million. This is one more Sri Lankan media company now controlled by a foreign owner. In this case the malaysians who are the largest shareholders of Dialog. Here again we clearly see how foreigners are slowly but surely taking control of the media in Sri Lanka.

This is only the case in our country. When Rupert Murdoc wanted to own media companies in the USA he was forced to become a US citizen to do so. All over the world the governments protect and ensure media is not owned or controlled by foreign or terrorist interests. Now just as we have some hope that the Sinhala people will have our due voice and a control in our destiny and the future of our country, it seems our victory is turning to ashes before our eyes.

The government MUST ensure that the culture, values and integrity of our nation and religion are protected. There is no doubt of this. There is no argument. This must be done. And done right now!!

But our culture, values, and integrity are not threatened by one late night programme on one Fm channel. It is this crazy media culture that must be tamed. The government should issue strict guidelines and enforce them with a system of fines and penalties such as is the case in every other country in the world. Victimising the one privately owned voice of the Sinhala people is not the answer, and has no place in the Mahinda Chinthanaya. The only hope for a resurgence of our people and our country must come from within us. As long as us Sinhala Buddhists continue to victimise ourselves, while protecting foreigners and terrorists, we will never see our dream for our nation fulfilled.

A Concerned Sri Lankan.