Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wild Elephants and Other Animals

I liked this editorial which basically sums up what I think of Sri Lanka's ministers who keep switching from one party to the other:

"We have nothing but contempt for political chameleons fattened on public funds riding the moral high horse. The worst thugs in a government become the most vociferous defenders of democracy, when relegated to the Opposition. They are usually flanked by the NGO kakkas (crows) on the look out for a mission to impress their pay masters with and make a fast buck. But, they, despite their track record at which our gorges constantly rise, have their democratic rights and any attempt to suppress them must be defeated. "

And echoes my sentiments on The One Man Circus Named Mervyn:

"Mervyn Silva has come to be considered pars pro toto of the present administration. With such violent elements as deputy ministers and ministers, a government needs no enemies."

How can these people afford to roam around disrupting meetings and what-not? I wonder where all the money comes from - it's certainly not from their government salaries. I wish I had the time to find out all the answers but I don't - because like all other normal human beings I have to really work for a living...

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