Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Sri Lankan Maid Sentenced to Death in Saudi Arabia

Rizana Nasik was 17 years old when she allegedly murdered a four-month-old infant in Saudi Arabia. Two years later (June 2007), she was sentenced to death by a Saudi court. Details about her trial are vague and as usual, not many people are interested in getting any further facts about her case.

Nasik, who was underage at the time she left Sri Lanka, had changed her age in her passport to gain employment in SA. As usual the embassy is going to appeal the death sentence but have passed the buck to local job agents for sending underage girls to work in the Middle East.

So many migrant workers have had their heads chopped off in SA that this news item is hardly surprising - what gets me is the attitude of the Sri Lankan embassy in SA with regard to the life of a young woman who was underage at the time of employment. Since when did life become so cheap? Oh wait - it's not "cheap" as long as the riyals keep rolling in.....

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