Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Power Cuts?

A delay in the May-August monsoon may result in mandatory power cuts, according to the CEB.

It all depends on a very simple formula: No Rain = Power Cuts

What's with this dependence on hydro-electricity anyway?! What happened to looking for alternatives?

Thanks to political interference and vicious opposition from religious groups and environmentalists, a much hyped construction of a coal plant on the West coast was delayed for several years. Now it's on track again. But it's not going to solve the impending power crisis anytime soon.

Life in Sri Lanka is tough enough with electricity - what with the war and all. In addition to the various security risks that would arise during power cuts, there's nothing worse than trying to sleep in a mosquito infested house without electricity. I should know - there was a time when power cuts lasted six hours in the night and it wasn't a pleasant experience.

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