Monday, June 04, 2007

Global Peace Index

So now there's an index for peace. Compiled by the Economist Intelligence Unit, it comprises of 24 indicators which measure both internal and external "peacefulness" of nations. The moment I read that I knew Sri Lanka was not going to be in the top 50. Turns out SL way down on the index at No. 111. The US isn't all that "peaceful" either - at No. 96.

The Index is topped by Norway. No surprise there. The highest ranked Asian country Japan is 5th; Canada is No. 8 and Germany is outside the top ten (12th). Italy (33rd), France (34th), and the United Kingdom (49th) rank in the top half of the table.

The Global Peace Index reveals that countries that had a turbulent time for parts of the 20th century, such as Ireland (4th) and Austria (10th), have emerged as peace leaders in the 21st century.


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