Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Busy Week/Weekend

After a series of interviews last week, it's final - I'm getting a new job next month. I decided it was time to move on to something new. I have no complaints about my current employer - I simply received an offer I couldn't refuse ;)

Many developments over the weekend here in Sri Lanka:

From the 10th of May, Katunayake International Airport will impose a six hour restriction on commercial flights from 10.30pm to 4.30am. The restrictions were implemented following night time air raids by the LTTE. Most airlines have changed their schedule according to the new regulations (Singapore Airlines, Sri Lankan) while Emirates and Cathay Pacific have suspended flights to SL.

Flooding in Colombo and its suburbs killed 16 people and more than 100,000 were left homeless. A giant pothole appeared in the middle of Galle Road, Wellawatte and created quite a stir.

A debate in the British House of Commons lead to rumours that Thamilselvan will be invited to address the BHC and that made some politikka's here very very angry. To add to the existing Tamil Tiger problem, we now have to deal with Sinhala Tigers.

Four top operatives of Goldquest were arrested in Indonesia. Goldquest brings back fond memories - so many qualified professionals got sucked into it and I had to literally run away from people who tried to sell me those coins. The network marketing scheme was banned in Sri Lanka and several operators were arrested. However last year the Central Bank disbanded its special investigations unit - a controversial move that was remembered after the Seagulls fiasco.

Sri Lankan film producers who employ foreign actors and actresses will be taxed as follows:
Lead role - SLR 250,000 per , Supporting role - SLR 150,000 per movie. The tax intends to combat the use of Indian actors and actresses who are considered to be more talented (and good looking) but cheap. Chairman of the NFC Asoka Serasinghe said the taxes will not apply to joint productions. I'm not surprised the NFC came up with this because the local film industry has fallen on hard times due to the almost unlimited number of movies telecast on TV these days. Last year's decision to tax English programs was a classic. There was a time when every single film released was a hit. Then came a little thing called competition and the industry started to wilt. I used to stare at the giant and extremely crude billboards outside the movie theater and wonder who came up with the marketing campaigns. I can't think of what the future holds for the NFC - if Hiripoda Wassa wins national awards, the future is pretty bleak.

I'm taking three days leave this week, so that means I'm going to enjoy a five day weekend. Will try to catch Spiderman 3 during the weekend if I can manage to get the tickets.

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