Monday, October 02, 2006

GoldQuest Probe - Yet Another Never-ending Saga

A couple of years ago, the whole country was ablaze with GoldQuest - a pyramid scheme which was quickly banned. Information about the scheme was communicated through a series of newspaper ads and tv programs - and you'd think that after two years it would be dead and buried by now.

Hell no, it's still around - alive and kicking, and now the remaining officials in the anti-pyramid unit " have been transferred for better career prospects, and to complete other urgent work"

The article at LBO goes on to say:

"Responding to questions whether the Special Investigation Unit had been closed because of the newly appointed Governor, Nivard Cabraal's alleged links to GoldQuest, Weerasekera said he was not aware of such links.

"We do not know of such things," Weerasekera told mediamen in Sinhalese.

"It is not fair to ask such questions from me."

Weerasekera was chairing the first media conference held at the central bank headquarters premises, since the new governor took office.

Sri Lanka's main opposition called for a parliamentary inquiry after media reports that Cabraal's family financial firm Capital Reach, had been funded by the GoldQuest group, and his appointment may stop the investigations.

Cabraal had denied wrongdoing.

Before Cabraal's appointment, Central Bank's investigations led to the arrest of several GoldQuest activists who were operating in remote and poorer areas of Sri Lanka.

Earlier in the month news broke that the police investigators seconded to the Unit had been recalled.

The Unit had now been disbanded and its chief transferred to the International Operations Department."

Sounds like another soap opera in the making...I feel sorry for the poor folk who parted with their hard earned money without knowing what they were getting themselves into!

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