Thursday, May 17, 2007

Goldquest Saga - Will it Ever End?

First it was the shocking news that Sonali Samarasinghe - editor of the Morning Leader - was questioned by the police on Wednesday, regarding the publication of several investigative articles on Goldquest's activities in Sri Lanka.

"The CID wanted to know the manner in which Sonali Samarasinghe conducted her investigation, the sources of her information, the officials she spoke to and the details obtained with regard to documents stopping the Goldquest investigation,` the Free Media Movement said. (link)

That should really help with their own investigations, now wouldn't it?! Why bother spending their own time and effort on it when all it takes is questioning a journalist for several hours?!

And now apparently Vijayeswaran Vijayaratnam who was arrested in Indonesia on charges of fraud, owns shares in at least two Tamil language tv stations in Australia and the UK. (link)

Oh well, I'm sure there's a lot more. Ongoing investigations will reveal the truth eventually - yet will the victims receive compensation? Very unlikely.

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