Monday, September 25, 2006

CIMA Mind Challenge - Knowledge of Pinocchio Proves Invaluable

This year's CIMA Mind Challenge was broadcast on ETV during the weekend (first on Saturday and repeated on Sunday). The format had changed from the previous one held last year, with the organisers' insisting this year would be a lot more "interesting and interactive".

In the first elimination round all teams (there were about 22) were given a series of questions ranging from finance (What is a Sen) to movies (What type of gun does Dirty Harry use?) and the remaining eight were asked predominantly finance-related questions.

The final round had Wisdom pitted against Amba Research and Wisdom appeared to be the better team. It progressed to a tie and the team captains were given three questions to decide upon a winner.

1st Q was regarding the CFA - Wisdom missed out on the answer which was very unfortunate - the correct A was February 22, 2002 and Wisdom stated February 15, 2002 <oww..that must have hurt>

2nd Q was about the Football WC - both contestants could not answer.

3rd Q was about a children's story character whose nose grows when he lies - BUZZZZZZZZ went Amba Research and pat came the answer - Pinocchio - and the AR was crowned the winner.

I could hardly believe it and googled for more info but it turns out there is nothing about it on the web - very weird. It's almost as if the entire event never took place.

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