Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Meebo and Meebome

Meebo is a web based IM that lets you log into your IM networks from any computer with a browser and internet connection with no firewall issues. It employs technologies (like AJAX) to make it act more like a desktop application, which dramatically improves usability. Many users enjoy the benefits of a native DHTML application, as it does not consume as many system resources as a Java applet (such as ICQ2Go or Yahoo Web Messenger).

Meebome (right) is an embedded chat window for your website/blog -
place the code (available at Meebome) and you're done. This requires at least version 7 of Flash, so download this before pasting the code.


Anonymous said...

I think it's really awesome, except that some companies block meebo and meebome on their firewalls, so I was wondering if there were any mirrors or redirectors for meebome that wcould be used for this widget.

Pissu Poosa said...

The blog at Meebo offers this advice - I haven't tried it out myself. Meebo generally works behind most firewalls. If you need more info, I suggest you post an entry at the meebo forum with more details about your firewall proxy settings etc.