Thursday, February 01, 2007

So Many Holidays

The only time I look forward to a holiday on a week day is when it falls on a Friday or a Monday, for obvious reasons. I still don't get why Sri Lanka needs all these holidays - apart from Independence Day and the New Year (in April), everything else is limited to a particular race and religion. What if you don't care about either?! 

Most of the time I end up being the only living being in my office; that's because I want my weekends free. The others are happy to stay at home for one day in the middle of the week and then spend the following day at work tearing their hair out whilst answering e-mails and voice mail messages. Of course I find it all very amusing because the reason a human takes a holiday is to relax and whatever "TLC" those poor souls are getting today is going to go up in smoke tomorrow! I can't wait to watch.....

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