Saturday, February 10, 2007

I'm in a Catty Mood

As made obvious by my previous posts, I've been paying more attention to my cats these days. One is sick and the other is a abandoned pet/stray that came along with two kittens and just..stayed. My dogs are being surprisingly tolerant of the new comers at the moment. I hope the peace will last until the kittens grow up!

Speaking of sick pets, I had several tragic experiences with different veterinary practices in Colombo in the past. Now I stick with Petsvcare since I don't really trust any other "doctors" with my animals. You'd think that a person who spends years studying how to cure sick animals would have an ounce of compassion in them but hell no - all I found was anything and everything ranging from indifference to greed. Yet no genuine "caring". Nada. It's all about the money, as always!

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