Friday, December 08, 2006

Why Fight When We Can Drink?

Apparently Sri Lankans have consumed more than 76 million litres of liquor during the first 10 months of this year, breaking last year's record - that's probably as surprising as finding out the LTTE isn't going to be banned in SL.

Yesterday's LBO article further elaborates:

"Sri Lankans had consumed more than 37 million litters of hard liquor & 39 million litters of soft liquor during the first 10 months this year and last year's total consumption of both the hard & soft liquor was around 62 million liters."

To top it off, a new study now reports that approximately 25% out of 19.5 million population earn less than a dollar a day, but they consume alcohol because it's a sign of strength, status and almost heroic. The study also mentions some people who earn less than 500 rupees per week spend more than 100 rupees per day on alcohol which exceeds their reported income.

How the **** do they manage to do that?! I don't drink and I'm always broke...WTF??!!

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