Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Cover Letters and Resumes

Extracted from actual cover letters and resumes submitted for the post of curriculum writer at ESL (Engligh as a Second Language):

"I am interested in finding out more details about the position. You can contact me at this E-Mail address. After I hear from you, I will send my cover letter and my resume."

"I speak, read, and write in Spanish at a moderate level"

"I am a PE teacher but I can work in the classroom. Please contact me if you have a job for me."

"OBJECTIVE - A position where one or more of the following skills may be utilized: Teaching English As A Second Language, Desk Clerk, Customer Service, Interdisciplinary Visual Art, Cashier, Computer, Barrista"

"Truly committed to the service of humanity, I would like to join in your organization."

"If you are interested in my experiences please email me details about the job as well as a copy of the contract[just if you are serious and the position is a highly paid one]"

"I never dream to be a teacher and yet I found so much passion in this work coz I see souls and hearts of every student that they need a teacher for them to be guided well.."

"Tropics Hotel: Head of Maintenance/ Assistant Manager 2000-2002"

"Lead analyst providing analysis and research regarding the benefits of yoga on mental and physical health"


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