Friday, March 10, 2006

Sirasa Super Star - A Second Chance for one of the Dear Departed

Tonight, one of six former contestants will be selected to fill Malith Perera's spot in the Final Four. Based on last Sunday's program, the six guys are:

1) Theekshana Anuradha
2) Nishantha Nanayakkara
3) Waruna Madhushanka
4) Asela Eranda
5) Shihan Mihiranga
6) Madhawa Dasanayaka

A very brief article on each is available at Sunday Observer Online .

In other news, a poll conducted by WOW indicates Shihan Mihiranga as the person who has "steals the limelight these days in Sri Lanka". Not bad for a 20 year old, eh?! And do note WOW has mentioned the amount of votes received per person - the way it should be done.

One a side note, I wonder how Honourable Mahinda Rajapakse feels about being placed third behind an up-and-coming pop singer and a cricketer?

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