Friday, December 02, 2005

The Week That Was November 28th - December 2nd, 2005

I got some early Christmas gifts - Firefly and Queer as Folk DVDs and spent the last weekend busting my eyeballs watching every single episode of both. I couldn't see where I was going by Monday morning but managed to stagger into my office, looking quite stoned. Of course, I was alcohol-free but certainly didn't look it. Needed at least four cups of very strong coffee to make it through the e-mails and a couple of meetings. I need a detox this weekend for sure. I have been reading about juice fasting (for three days) and how it cleans up "the system". I have never tried out a liquid-only diet ever in my life, and with my constant running about, I don't know how long I was last by drinking lime, orange and mango juice alone. So I am going to start by one day at a time. Saturday is going to be Juice Day for me - and I am going to be very brave and try some spinach and celery juice as well.

Shopping at Odel turned out to be boring. There were so many people doing absolutely nothing but walking around, it was difficult to even walk up the stairs/elevator - hate it when that happens!! There were lights and other bling bling stuff all over the place - nice but nothing special. I'm going to pop by during office hours next week to avoid the crowds. I am so not a people person.....At least I got some decent t-shirts for myself. I keep a couple in the office as well, since I prefer to wear casual stuff when I don't have to meet with clients. Whoever deemed western office wear as mandatory for Sri Lankan offices deserves to be assigned to work in a cubby hole with no air conditioning and ventilation for a couple of months. I'm sure their minds will change, eventually....

Stopped by Cravings twice this week. I had Rum Fudge Slices, a Fruit Tart and an Eclair. All were nice and very reasonably priced. I wonder how Delifrance and Barista (which still has the best cappuccino in town) are going to compete with the prices of the new local pastry shops. At Deli, a veggie sandwich in a croissant costs a whopping Rs.225 odd rupees and a watermelon juice is around Rs.100. Roots has a better selection of fruit juices (very generous portions too) at much less (around Rs 40 - 80).

Coming back to DVDs, the one I am really lusting for is CSI: Season 5 - it has an ETA of December 20th. Until then, I have to make do with AXN's CSI Sunday marathon. I have developed a liking for Numb3rs - I like the interaction between the two brothers (one an FBI agent and the other a math whiz). The second most anticipated DVD is the first season of LOST. While the beefed up Matthew Fox is very impressive, I like watching Terry O'Quinn (terribly underused in the now-more-than-ever deteriorating ALIAS) showing off his acting chops.

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