Monday, November 14, 2005

Random stuff for the 14th of November

I've been very busy at work - travelling to cities all across Sri Lanka and what not. So, in between a series of very short periods of rest, I noticed:

1) Odel has started its Christmas advertising campaign - those giant purple billboards at Lipton Circus are kind of hard to miss.

2) People who wear colored contact lenses are extremely annoying - mainly because their pupils are always dilated and they look stoned out of their minds. Try maintaining eye contact with them during a meeting/presentation.

3) Weather reports that tell me it may or may not rain really serve no purpose.

4) It's high time all these so called "society" magazines and newspaper features devote an entire page on cell  phone etiquette. Sitting next to a very loud voiced gob talking about his personal life is just too much. Not to mention the people who are so very important they just have to keep their cell phones switched on during a movie and  answer calls, while choosing the corniest polyphonic ring tone imaginable.

5) So there is not going to be a debate after all - not that I was looking forward to see Ranil and Mahinda trying to convince the public who would be a better Prez. I've already made up my mind on who is going to get my vote. It would have been fun to see the two have a couple of rounds of spewing verbal abuse at each other though.

6) Just received information about the roads that are going to be closed from tomorrow (15th) to the 18th, in and around Colombo. What the heck is that all about? Does the entire city have to resort to using alternative routes just for an election?

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