Friday, July 20, 2007

Random Stuff

Firefox 3.0 - here's a preview of things to come. I'm quite happy with the version I'm using now but some of those features are attractive.

Turns out Commercial Bank has been declared the Best Bank in Sri Lanka. I beg to differ. I'm not a corporate client but thanks to a job I held sometime back I had no choice but to open an account at this particular bank and the customer service has been nothing short of appalling. From rude managers to stoned-looking front desk staff, I have never wasted more hours of my life waiting in line to deposit money or make a payment than at a ComBank branch. Times have changed and I have moved on to more customer friendly places like Sampath and Nations Trust...but the memory of standing in a queue one day for half an hour and then being impolitely informed that the banks' computer network "down" and payments cannot be accepted that day will linger for the rest of my life.

An on-going dispute over teachers' salaries may result in the teachers boycotting work during this year's Advanced Level exam. Love those trade unions that decide to take a stand right before an important event.

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