Tuesday, July 31, 2007

New Guidelines for School Admission

I had to read this twice just to see if it was real. Of course it is. After all, the Supreme Court did approve the draft on Monday (yesterday). How could it not be real?

So now the pressure is all on the child - all of five (or six) years old - to meet the standards set by the assessment process. 25 marks each for intelligence and aptitude. The balance 50 is allocated for parents/siblings. It all sounds very bizarre.

The last para was just outstanding:

"The independent selection committee of each school will comprise two representatives from the school past pupils` association, two from the school development society (not being teachers), the principal or his representative being a deputy principal or senior teacher, a representative of the zonal director of education and an eminent well-wisher of the school not being a person involved in politics."

That certainly sounds very "independent" to me. I'm sure that all members of this panel including the "eminent well-wisher" are going to be the least corrupt human beings in Sri Lanka.

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