Monday, February 27, 2006

Sirasa Super Star - The Dramatic Exit of Shihan Mihiranga

So there I was sitting in front of the telly on a cold, damp Sunday night, waiting for Kamal to take his time in announcing who gets the dubious honor of staying on in Sirasa Super Star (SSS) and who gets the easy way out of a fake reality (fake-ality??) show.

And after much rhetoric and a few songs, it was down to Amila Perera (great voice and average presentation) and Shihan Mihiranga (average voice and great presentation) as the two contestants with the allegedly lowest number of votes. Kamal went on yapping in that special way of his which we have all grown to love and appreciate and then he says (translated into English) - "The person who gets to the next level - Shihan - it's - not - - are - leaving - us - tonight...." and then he went on and on and on and I didn't hear a word he said because I was staring at Shihan's expression as he was given the news and let me tell you - the man knew it was coming!!

There was a backlash building up against SSS for quite some time and it became an unavoidable force after the exit of Manjula on Sunday the 19th. So as much as the station tried to portray Shihan as the obvious winner of SSS, it suddenly became apparent that if he did win, there would be a lot of questions raised regarding the SMS voting system and its validity. The prospect of an official investigation would definitely hurt the next season of SSS (auditions are scheduled to take place soon) and to avoid the inevitable hassle of having to prove that the public does in fact get the winner it votes for, SSS has suddenly decided to kick out Shihan as a means of damage control.

After my laughing my head off at the images of a few girls crying in the audience (if they can be called that) I felt a tad sorry for Shihan because even though he may have been involved with a crooked show, he is undeniably talented and deserves a recording deal. News about town is that he is in fact already recording an album and will be releasing it soon. I'm sure the buzz created by SSS to date will help its sales and his looks/personality/stage presence will definitely make him a popular fixture on the concert circuit.

The question of the moment is - who is going to be the winner now that Shihan is out of the picture? Right now, my money is on Malith Perera with Amila as the runner up.


Anonymous said...

Shihan is the true Sri Lankan Super Star. So what if the girls shed a few tears. they r humans and they too have brains. this being a democracy and all that stuff. i don't like patronizing snobs who say girls like him because of his looks. a super star means a great performer. and shihan is a great performer. try looking in a mirror and you might get a few laughs

Pissu Poosa said...

Did you bother to read any of my other posts on SSS? If you did, you would notice that I actually like Shihan and consider him to be one of the better competitors. The girls in the audience were plants - gimme a break!!

Anonymous said...

yeah i did read ur comments(i thought that they were really lame). girls PLANTs?. u sound like a regular MCP (male chauvanistic --g). i thought they(da girls) looked pretty cute. u r what u r. they were not given any choise in the matter (they were born that way) sheesh! they are humans not animals or PLANTS.

Pissu Poosa said...

Yes the girls were plants - - look up definition 4 (a), because that's what I am talking about. Most people in a handpicked audience tend to be PLANTS. That's the way it works...and sheesh yerself, I wasn't talking about their looks.....I'm not that superficial.

Yes, I am what I am - very sarcastic and quite maddeningly cynical ...