Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I Love Ambigrams

It all started when I read Angels and Demons by Dan Brown. It was, at the time, a relatively unknown book and the only people enthusiastic about it were conspiracy theory buffs (cough cough). I had read about the Illuminati before and like all other secret societies - Freemasons, The Priory of Scion etc, I found them mildly fascinating. What I loved about Angels and Demons more than anything, were the ambigrams . In the novel, six brands were used by an assassin to signal the re-emergence of the Illuminati and the ambigrams of "Illuminati", "Earth", "Air", "Fire", "Water" and finally the "Illuminati Diamond" with all four elements merged into a diamond shape, were used in the novel.

I found a web site that generates ambigrams of any word entered. Mind you the results are not as artistic as the calligraphic images found in Angels and Demons. I then found that Sun Microsystems also uses as ambigram in its logo. Very cool!!


nagfa said...


we design ambigrams, visit us sometimes..

maybe you'll be encouraged to design your own ambigrams...


balaji said...

hi..i too design let me know what you feel..thank you...