Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Dinner at Peach Valley

Peach Valley is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Colombo and one of the few places a vegetarian (not all that strict, but I do try) can have a great meal.

Over the years (Peach Valley is about five years old now) I have tried out all the veggie options and the following are now my favorites:

1) Chili Garlic Tofu
    Silken tofu cubes in a very light non-oily sauce - quite spicy and don't let the colour fool you, in spite of the flakes of red chillies, it is not too hot. The garlic flavour is mild, not overpowering.

2) Mock Duck
   This is my all time favourite dish at Peach Valley. I have no idea what duck really tastes like, but I just love Mock Duck. It's made with flour and marinated in possible a dozen spices and flavours and served with a very heavy onion/soy sauce.

3) Mixed Mushrooms
   Another dish served along with garlic sauce, the mushrooms are a very lightly sauteed and taste amazing. There are at least three varieties served and my personal favourite are the button mushrooms.

4) Spicy Prawns
   On the rare days I feel like eating seafood, I order prawns. As spicy and juicy as the prawns served are, they are really really tiny. I mean minuscule. It's still a great choice though and goes really well with the tofu.

Vegetable Fried Rice (with egg) is the perfect choice for each of the above - and a word of caution - a "Small" portion (both rice and vegetables) at Peach Valley is more than sufficient for three adults.

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