Tuesday, March 20, 2007

More Bad Jokes and Other Deleted Nonsense from Wiki

Some gems included in a hilarious list of deleted Wikipedia posts :

From U2:
"Pretentious and utterly tedious, the band has re-recorded their first hit single "Gloria gloria over and over again" many thousands of times with different titles and a new chord here and there, thus acquiring an enormous and enormously dim fanbase. They are politically wanky in human rights causes.

Bono hasnt got to be the non biggest dipshit--dead alive! Don't look at that schnoz...and those glasses neither! He shouldn't get AIDS, it couldn't only disprove his music."

From the Beatles page:
"the beatles started out from being born as the head of a 4 headed billy goat. they were worshiped by many peeps until they discovered they could sing""

From a (now deleted article) titled Veggie:
"A freakin' vegetable. Learn English."

From George W Bush:
"Born as a baby to a family of wildebeasts, George started to make his life in the jungle at a early age. Through hard times in the jungle, he survived by moving in with a family of sloths where he became good at hanging on trees for long periods of time. He also learned how to become a terrible president. Bush moved to Zaire and fell in love with a handsome rhino named laura. He than moved to the united states and became president."

From Birds:
Birds go "GAW GAW!" which stands for "God Always Wins! God Always Wins!", which shows that birds do praise God and indeed go to heaven, in accordance with His divine providence. And don't even try and tell me this is wrong, because my freshman year theology teacher said it was true, and you wouldn't call an 80 year old retired Marine Officer and now a Benedictine Monk a liar, would you? Huh? Would ya, punk?

If you ever need to read more, here's the page containing all the links to deleted Wiki posts.

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