Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Sirasa 8th Anniversary - Performances by SSS Contestants

Brief and rather superficial review of performances of the singers I like: (in the order of their appearance on the programme)

Darshana Pramod - "Rudhuru Thuru Wadulea"
B-o-r-i-n-g - the boy needs to select more upbeat songs. This is not a song one would listen to intently at 9am - that said, I am definitely not a morning person!

Malith Perera - "Ananthayata Yana Para Dige "
Sang the song very well. Malith now looks like a sumo wrestler in comparison to what he used to be. During the interview Malith mentioned his ever-present black cap would be taken off in a few months. A phone-in caller also commented on his weight (he looked a tad embarassed - I don't blame him) and said "than Malith lassanai". I keep forgetting that "chubby" = "cute" here in SL.....

Amila Perera - "Sithin Ma Nosalee"
Excellent song. Amila was verbally challenged during the interview as usual but pulled off a good vocal performance. His phone-in caller showered him with compliments and received a few blank stares and half a smile as a "thank you". But I stick to my previous statements regarding Amila - he has the most outstanding voice of all the contestants and he selected a song that showed it off. He also decided to highlight his eyes with light brown contact lenses - thanks to my sister for pointing this out....I would have missed that one for sure...

Shihan Mihiranga - "Mama Ahawwa Horen" and "Ada Thaniyen Ma"
Of all the songs Shihan sang on SSS, As Deka Piyana and Mama Ahawwa Horen were IMO (in my opinion) quite awful and he had to choose one of them, didn't he? I didn't like his original song either - the lyrics are immature. But on a more positive note, all those nasty buggers who called Shihan a "ponce" or "girly" should either retract their statements or hit themselves on the head with a hammer. Think about it - anyone who turns up for a live performance at 8 o'clock on a Saturday morning wearing white silk pyjama pants and a long sleeved cream/yellow batik shirt, thick iron necklace, and two chunky wooden bangles surely must have balls of steel ;-)

Videos of all performances (including Ajith Bandara, Madhawa and Theekshana) on Saturday 10th of June, can be downloaded from Lankan Music - thanks to Sandun.

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Viran said...

oh u think u no music!
oh u dont.'ruduru thuru wadule'
is base on western musical melody!!!!!!
oh u think ur good!!!!!!!!bt if u realy no music u will enjoy it.U IDIOT U IDIOT U IDIOT!!!!!!!!!!
and DARSHANA is the best! u see who
will stay in the field 4 long, its him him only and no other s.star 4m season 1.