Thursday, January 26, 2006

A Googley by Google

Typing in now takes me to and offers the option of selecting either Sinhala or Tamil. I tried out Sinhala first and was stumped to find the Sinhala words were in fact written in English. For example: "soyanna" and " and my personal favorite "directoriya" - what's up with that?! The Tamil version is much better because a Tamil font is used. Couldn't Google get a Sinhala font? There are at least a dozen available out there free of charge.

Now that Google censors the content on Google's China web site, it appears that all pages have become country specific. Looks like Big Brother is keeping an eye on web activities here in Sri Lanka as well.................

I use (saved as a bookmark) instead of - it's more convenient that the basic search engine page.

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