Thursday, September 08, 2005

Dawn of a New Era

After eight terribly miserable months of working in a so-called world
class company, I am now gainfully employed in a field I love. It's a
wonderful thing to wake up every day and actually look forward to
going to work. I hope the feeling lasts forever.

The new office is in a grand location – and walking distance to Odel.
Not that I go there all the time and spend too many days indulging in
cocktails during Happy Hour……but it's nice to work in the city after
being stationed in the most disgustingly remote areas of the country.

I have a huge room at the office and I share this with a girl who has
a very nice "live and let live" attitude. So I personalized the room
with my coffee mugs, potted cacti and motivational banners without
incurring her wrath. We also have a radio on all the time, though we
both don't share the same taste in music and switch from one station
to the other all the time. There are just four colleagues to work with
in my division. There's no "Team Spirit" and "Be a Team Player"
campaign here – everyone does their thing and goes home without a
fuss. There's so much work on most days we barely have time to talk,
and that's fine with me.

The change in jobs has done me a lot of good – I am a much more
cheerful person now apparently, as my friends so nicely inform me.
Well, I was ALWAYS cheerful as far as I know – being employed in a
dump tends to dampen one's spirits sometimes, but it's only temporary!

I also have a lot more time to devote to my interests. I no longer
have to wait for the weekend to read or to indulge in watching an
entire season of "24" or "The West Wing" or play a game on PS2 from
beginning to end or even to go for a walk on the beach. These are all
daily events for me now and have become a very important part of my

The best part of all is that I get to spend more time with my pets –
three dogs and four cats, than I ever did before. That's what I tell
myself when I wash away all the canine and feline saliva off my body.

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